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SingSnap makes karaoke parties easy for everyone. With our huge selection of songs, you'll be sure to have the hottest party in town. SingSnap allows you to share your karaoke skills with Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and even meet new karaoke friends online. With the simple click of a button, you are guaranteed hours of fun and entertainment!

Easier than a Karaoke Machine

SingSnap simplifies karaoke parties. You used to need a CD with each song you or your guests wanted to sing. Karaoke parties required bulky equipment and time consuming set up, and only gave you a limited number of songs to sing. You run out of CD tracks, you run out of karaoke fun. With SingSnap, these worries are gone. All you need is the internet! We have a huge selection of thousands of the most popular songs of all time. Your party can jump from genres and artists in endless karaoke fun. There are no bulky machines needed, and no set up required. With your webcam and microphone enabled computer, you can access karaoke online in seconds. Throwing a karaoke party has never been easier than it is now with SingSnap's karaoke online.

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Your party doesn't need to drive down to a karaoke bar to have a good time. SingSnap lets you bring the karaoke bar home. We have thousands and thousands of songs for you and your party guests to choose from in every genre. Whether you like Adele, Justin Bieber or classic rock, SingSnap has you covered. In the comfort of your own home, you can sing along online with your favorite artists. You can have your friends over to sing karaoke, or you can even connect online to sing karaoke together. With our online karaoke community, you can watch others' videos and pick up ideas for your own videos or your next karaoke party.

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What are you waiting for? Search for your favorite song then start singing! SingSnap makes it easy and fun to have karaoke parties and connect with karaoke friends online. Our karaoke online is just waiting for you to come enjoy hours of singing. It's always a party on SingSnap because our karaoke online is the best out there. We provide the music, all you need to do is sing!